The Horse as Therapist — Part II

How may I help you ... ?

I love my ‘mother,’
Really I do,
But I’ve had to teach her
A lesson or two.

Live in the moment
Be patient; endure.
Don’t make a decision
Until you are sure.

Don’t worry the future;
Don’t dwell in the past,
Do open the present
Like each moment’s the last.

Work hard when you need to;
Take time to have fun.
Be open; be friendly;
And bask in the sun.

Be pampered by someone;
Have boundaries too.
Be playful; be happy;
Be alone when you stew.

Give what you can,
Learn when to say no,
Keep some for yourself,
Know when to let go.

Be kind, be consistent;
Be joyful, be free.
In other words, mother,
Be perfect like me.


What more is there to say on this particular subject? If our companion humans would be self-aware 100% of the time when they spend time with us their lives would be so much easier … and so would ours.

So much to teach them … so little time … I need a carrot!

See you next time in Poet’s Paddock …

Shakespeare “The Equine”

Copyright Aimwell Enterprises 2011

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