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Ghost Hunting

It’s in the corner
Can’t you see
The spook? It’s
Waiting there for me!

It’s nondescript,
But I can tell
It’s a really nasty

And there’s another
Over there!
What do they want?
I’m going spare!

I pop a spin
As flee I must
From ghosts that linger
In the dust.

And yet the scribe
Stays nice and calm.
Just rides me through
And carries on.

Creates a rhythm
To soothe my mind.
So I can leave
Those ghosts behind.


The ante is up. The scribe has figured out that I’ve got Third and Fourth level dressage goods and I’m having to deliver. No longer can I simply get by on my good looks and charm. She wants 100% of my talent now as well!

Up until recently I’ve been able to work in the shadow of my solid training. It’s been an easy ride. While the scribe has been honing her skills I’ve been able to fly beneath the radar.

But things have changed. She’s starting to get it.

Her cues are more confident; more consistent. I’m feeling her elevated skills and they’re elevating me! I can’t help myself. And recently she has found access to my secret expressive power canter. Now, I love my power canter — but it’s hard work, so occasionally I ghost hunt to distract myself.

The other day I found a noisy one lurking in the kick-boards. When the scribe asked for a walk-canter transition on a straight line I “accidentally” kicked to the side and knocked my feet against the boards. Naturally this spooked me, and I performed a canter pirouette that might have scored a ‘10’ for velocity if such events were measured. In fact, I almost completed the movement on my own, with the scribe taking dictation from the ground!

Miraculously she clung on (I have to give her credit — she’s tenacious that way) and launched me into that canter I’d managed to avoid. She then brought me back to a nice rhythmic trot so the dust could settle in my mind once again, and from there we executed a perfectly elevated, relaxed and expressive canter that left me feeling like a million dollars. I’m pretty sure the scribe was happy too.

Funny really, although it seems like a good idea at the time ghost hunting never leaves me feeling very good. I hope I remember that the next time I’m tempted.

See you next time in Poet’s Paddock!

Shakespeare “The Equine”

Photo: Christine Holmes

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