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In paddock soggy see me bide
I cannot wait to go inside.
As rain in buckets ’round me teems
Of hay and carrots I have dreams.

The drips and drops that fall on me
Dilute my pastoral reverie,
And to escape is my one wish
Before this horse becomes a fish.

Soon by the gate stands mother dear.
I call to her, “I’m over here!”
She comes to me all smiles and joy,
I really am a lucky boy!

A carrot treat she offers me
Which I accept most gratefully.
And to the barn I then am lead
Where it is warm and dry instead.

Then once inside she heaves a sigh —
I’m sopping wet from toe to eye.
She towels me off; I don’t complain.
Just glad to be out of the rain.

* * *

The first day of the year and it was a miserably wet one. Now I wouldn’t normally post blogs so close together but the misery made such an impression I just have to get it out of my system.

This poem is not new … I posted it earlier on another forum, but it certainly expresses how I felt yesterday. When the scribe showed up at the gate, carrot in hand, it was such a relief. I was tired of being soaked from head to toe and covered in mud. I’m usually quite a neat freak.

Sometimes I love to feel the elements — the wind in my mane; the rain on my face, and to roll in the mud … and sometimes I just want my mommy!

Catch you again in Poet’s Paddock!
Shakespeare “The Equine”

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