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My New Year’s Resolution

The first of the year
A time to rejig.
Make a promise or two,
But nothing too big.

I’ll eat all my carrots
And clean up my hay,
And give up all spooking
(Perhaps for a day.)

When wearing my blankets
I won’t roll in manure,
(Unless it’s the dry stuff,
But who knows for sure?)

I’ll walk on to the trailer
Just like a good boy.
My big reward?
The scribe’s look of joy.

I’ll get all my transitions
And do as I’m told.
I won’t be a chicken,
I’ll try to be bold.

Speaking of chickens,
Ignore them I’ll try,
Though those cackling hens
Always make me feel shy.

Else really, I’m perfect;
You’ve got to agree.
If I change any more
Well, I just won’t be me!

* *

During my nine-and-a-half-year sojourn on this planet I have noticed that the peeps (my slang for “people”) tend to get all bent of out shape around January 1 about New Year’s resolutions. Take the scribe, for instance — “I’m gonna eat better; exercise more; write more; have more fun, …” etc., etc. By my observation she really only needs to do two things … live more in the moment and chill. Really, everything else will simply take care of itself.

Honestly, the peeps have got it all wrong — running around like chickens with their heads cut off (there’s that chicken reference again — no offense to the chickens) trying to get everything right and failing miserably. Perfection is highly over-rated. Really they just need to “be.”

Go with the flow, folks. Live in the moment. Let tomorrow take care of itself. The bottom line is … your horse wants you in the here and now!

It’s been quite a journey teaching the scribe to “stay” with me. Her mind sometimes wanders and the body language with it, so it’s little wonder I have to interject with the odd spook every once in a while just to get her attention back to where it needs to be … in the moment … with me!

Therefore, in spite of my previous poetic review of all the things I “could” do as we head into 2011, my real goal is to keep the scribe in the moment using tried and true methods and, of course, to eat my carrots.

Happy New Year!

Shakespeare “The Equine”


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