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Chicken Terror

Oh dear, they’re
Back, how can it
Be? They must be
Here to torture
Me! What did I do
To draw such
Fate, why aren’t
Those chickens on a
Plate instead of
In the barn,
Forsooth, with every
Squawk I lose my
Youth. Remove them
Please, I cannot
Bear to think
That they are over
There too close
For comfort, to be
Sure, it’s terror
I just won’t
Endure. I’m on alert,
My head is
High, my body
Quakes, what
If I die because
Some poultry
Got away? A
Lousy end to a
Lovely day.
So, I implore
Remove them
Hence before
I lose all
Common sense.

* * *

I do not tolerate chickens well. They are squawking, flapping, foul fowl with no consideration for others with whom they share the barn … namely me. I like my peace and quiet. I like to stand over my hay and eat while contemplating my next poetic masterpiece without the constant cacophony of chicken gossip, like “My egg is bigger than your egg!” or “Oh my gosh, did you see the length of his feathers!!”

Who cares? Go find a chicken coop somewhere!

Now normally I’m a pretty even-tempered fellow, but chickens just send me. I’m not proud of it, and I know my mother would rather I “get real,” as she likes to put it. But I, like everyone else, have my sensitive proclivities (Marvin doesn’t like stud muffins; Jupiter doesn’t like much, etc. … names changed to protect the innocent …), and chickens just happen to be something I don’t like.

Fortunately it wasn’t long before the human folk removed the evil squawkers to the other barn. Now I can stop looking over my shoulder and get back to the serious business of eating and quiet contemplation.

Chickens indeed!

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